3 easy ways to make motoring more affordable

From petrol and insurance to tax and MOTs, it’s no secret that running a car is a major expense. So if you’re fed up of forking out, here are three easy ways to make your motoring more affordable.

  1. Cut the cost of your insurance

Although car insurance is an absolute must for any driver, there’s no reason why you need to pay over the odds for on this cover. By making an effort to cut the cost of your insurance, you’ll be able to make a significant dent in your motoring costs. For example, did you know that allowing your policy to roll over into a new contract year on year is most likely costing you big? Instead, you could shop around for a better deal on the internet. There are numerous broker websites where you can find competitive car cover quotes. When you enter some basic information about you, your car and your driving habits, these sites will present you with a list of prices from a variety of different insurance providers. From here, you can review and compare the policies to find one that perfectly suits you and your budget. In addition, you might want to be mindful of the Car Insurance Repairs. You can approach a service center in your vicinity that provides the right quote under your insurance claims.

  1. Be selective where you fill up

There’s no denying that petrol is one of the biggest costs when it comes to owning a car, and with fuel prices going up and down constantly, it can be tricky to stay in control when you need to fill up. So if you’re keen to cut back on this expense, it pays to be selective. Instead of opting to use the nearest petrol station for convenience, you could take on a more savvy approach and suss out which one usually has the lowest fuel prices. It’s also important to note that petrol stations positioned on or near motorways tend to be more expensive, so make sure you fill up before you head off on a long journey.

  1. Car share on your commute

Driving to and from your place of work each day can drain your fuel, meaning you’re likely to be filling up constantly and spending a fortune at the petrol station each week. So instead of journeying by yourself, why not suggest a car share with a work friend? If you live near a colleague or you drive a similar route, you could take it in turns to share the commute into work. Not only will you stand to save big, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the company on the journey.

Alternatively, you could leave your car at home and take a bus or train to work instead. The less you use the car, the more you will save.

Motoring might never be cheap, but paying attention to tips like these could help you save cash when it comes to keeping your car on the road.