3 Financial Mishaps That Can Have a Silver Lining

Sometimes things that happen to us in life that we think are disasters but they could be an opportunity for success.  By taking the right measures you can turn a terrible accident into a happy accident.

Life is all about perspective, and making lemonade out of lemons.  Take a look at some of these disasters turned opportunities and change your perspective on what you deem as a mishap or a potential opportunity.

Car Accident

A car accident can be a horrible experience from the injuries that can occur to the damage to your car which can result in thousands in repairs and replacements.

Sometimes, however, depending on your situation, you can win a considerable amount of money by receiving a settlement from the other party’s insurance company. If your injuries are not major, this can come as a blessing to some people.  

This can also be a favorable situation if you already had intentions of selling your car, and it is deemed “totaled.”  You will be awarded the full cost of the vehicle and can use that money towards buying a new one.

Injury on the Job

Sustaining an injury on the job can be a painful and stressful experience.  However, if you work for a reputable company that takes care of its employees, chances are you will be awarded workers compensation.  

Perhaps you’re a workaholic, and this is nature’s way of forcing you to slow down.  This downtime can be used to regroup, rest, and catch up on reading or letting your mind simply be at ease.

This forced period of resting can be a great time to find your mental and physical health again, meanwhile being paid for it.  


Losing your job due to being laid off or even worse being fired, is generally treated as terrible news.  We fear how we will pay our rent, take care of our families, and our egos suffer thinking we have failed somehow.

However, if you look closely, you will find that there can be plenty of positive aspects about this time off to look forward to.

If you have children this means you can spend more time with them at home, and spend less on daycare or babysitters.  A short period of financial hardship can last a few months, but the memories you make with your family last a lifetime.

If you qualify, this can be a great time to take advantage of the things you pay your taxes on.  Such as unemployment benefits. Apply for unemployment online, or sending in the forms by mail.

After being approved, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of during this free time you have, and can comfortably take the time you need to find a job you truly enjoy.