3 Steps to Getting Yourself Financially Ready For Rehab

Getting yourself into this mess wasn’t inexpensive, so if you think that getting yourself out of a life of addiction is going to be a walk in the park, a piece of cake, or an endeavor that comes free, you’re wrong. Whether you opt to go for a Luxury Rehab, or something a little more understated, the rehab process will take you through things you would never expect.

The thing with addiction is that there are underlying causes that direct a person towards substance abuse. You can walk into a rehab center and get yourself off the drug, but if you don’t address the root behaviors and causes that led you into the lifestyle in the first place, you’ll probably go right back into the lifestyle, and you’ll probably backslide to a further degree than you did before.

The point being made in all of this is that rehab is crucial to recovery, but before you go, you have to get some things in order so that you can achieve everything you want to achieve while you’re away. Are you financially ready for rehab? If not, here are 3 steps you can take to get yourself there:

Take Care of Insurance Issues

If you have insurance, it’s time that you take advantage of it. If you have issues, call up your company, talk about your coverage, and get things worked out and lined up. If you want to be ready for rehab financially, it doesn’t have to be hard. Verify your insurance, see how much they’re going to cover, and if you have to come up with some change to cover the difference, get up, get to work, and get the job done.

Sell What You Don’t Need

It’s easy to want to hold onto things, but if you’re heading into recovery and you need money to spot that recovery, look through your belongings and sell what you don’t need. You probably have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of material items stacked around your house that have sat in disuse for years. If you picked it up and sold it today, you probably wouldn’t miss it. You definitely won’t miss it while you’re away at recovery, so do what you gotta do, man up, and sell your stuff.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Bills

Life is filled with expenses, but how many of those expenses are actually necessary? When you head off to recovery, you could be there for a couple months, or you could be there for 6 months. You could even be there for a year. You won’t be making money during this time, so you’ll have to get rid of unnecessary bills so that you’re not falling behind and stacking up debt.

Rent out your room, get rid of your phone, and sell your car if you have to. You can get that kind of stuff back after treatment, but for now, take those finances off the plate so you can focus on your health and journey to recovery.