3 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

Glossy magazine spreads of glamorous homes with green gardens are enough to make any homeowner drool. While everyone longs for that picture perfect backyard space, it can be difficult to afford the kind of plants and maintenance that yard will require. Before you leave your yard dead and yellow, take time to consider a few affordable options for beautifying your backyard.

Start with Seed

Perhaps one of the most expensive yard investments you can make is installing sod. Buying and installing sod in your backyard will cost you a great deal of money, and isn’t guaranteed to work. To help your lawn get a headstart on a budget, consider purchasing basic grass seed. And, before you start purchasing seeds, you may want to make sure the backyard space is ready. If you happen to have any old trees that dampens the setting of the entire garden that you had planned, consider reaching out to experts (like Phoenix Arborist, for example) to get them removed the first thing, and also repair those old fences. Once everything is set in place, you can start seeding your favorite plants. Seed can cost a fraction of what sod will run you and could begin taking off in as little as a week.

Additionally, seeds can be used for almost every aspect of your backyard landscape. While a tomato start from the local greenhouse could cost you $2, a pack of tomato seed could cost you $1 or less and you will get many plants. Plan ahead for your garden and get your veggie starts going from seed indoors early on.

If you are worried about those empty flower beds, consider going with a simple beautiful option. Many local nurseries will have packs of wildflower seeds that will do well in your local area with little water or maintenance. These seeds are usually exceedingly affordable and can cover large areas of ground, giving you colorful, low-maintenance flowers in place of a dirt patch.

Shop Sales

Local nurseries will go through plants like candy. There will be plants that don’t sell well, plants that have outgrown their buckets or plants that simply didn’t thrive during their trip from the grower. These plants will all need to be gotten rid of by the nursery. If you are looking for affordable trees and shrubs, consider heading to the nursery and asking about clearance plants. Additionally, if the plant is nearly dead, they may give it to you for free and you can try and bring it back at home!

Water, Water, Water!

Perhaps the easiest method for making your backyard beautiful is in utilizing water. By keeping your lawn green, instead of allowing it to turn yellow, your yard will appear lush and well-maintained. Watering the yard may only cost you a couple of dollars extra each month, so pay attention to your consumption and let it grow!

If you live in an area that suffers from drought or water consumption laws, you may need to find alternative methods than watering for beautifying the yard. By planting native plants that are drought tolerant, you can subscribe to your local water laws and keep your yard happy.