4 Ways To Curb Your Impulse Buying

Many people find that they have uncontrollable impulses the minute that they see something which they like.  The urge becomes so great to have the object of their desire immediately that they can’t seem to hold back buying it right then and there.

People who are impulse buyers don’t have the ability to look at something and weight out if they really need it or not.  They simply know that they want it and that’s all that exists for them.  

If you find yourself to be one of these people then take a look at some of the following tips that may help you change your ways.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget for yourself will help you create guidelines necessary in order to be able to follow through with your financial goals.  It’s important to allocate a line for every expense in your life from paying off loans to groceries.

When you know exactly how much you are allowing yourself to spend in each area of your life then you will have a better understanding of when you are approaching your limits.

Implementing rules for yourself and your spending habits will help you pull back when you start to feel yourself wanting to buy something.  All it will take is taking a look at your budget and seeing how much you’ve spent and how much you are nearing your limits.

Distract Yourself

Impulse buying is no different from any other addiction.  Sometimes the best way to hold ourselves back from giving into temptation is to distract yourself entirely.  When you give yourself an alternative activity then you will feel less upset about not being able to give into your addiction.

Try to do something creative or engaging in some kind of physical activity.  This will keep your mind engaged and you’ll feel less frustrated.

Remove The Temptations

When you are surrounded by your triggers then you are more likely to give into them.  Eliminating these triggers will lessen your urges.  

That means not passing by your favorite store every day if it means you might be tempted to go in and buy something.  Or refraining from visiting your favorite website in case there’s a sale you simply can’t miss.

Ask For Friends and Family’s Support

Try to ask your friends and family to be supportive of your new financial goals.  By explaining to them that you’d like to make some changes they will hopefully refrain from influencing you to spend.

Friends and family can be the support that you need to hold you back when they see you slipping into old habits. Don’t be frustrated when they try to stop you as it’s only them trying to help.