5 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money Travelling Abroad

Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, backpacking, or with your family, there is no doubt that wanderlust is expensive. Finding the best deals and saving money however, is possible.

Read our tips on how to save money when planning a trip abroad.

  1. Budget

Sounds easy, right? There are just so many components to travel – flights, accommodation, transfers, add-ons, entertainment, food, spending money, and not to mention a whole host of unexpected costs. Therefore, it is so important to set yourself an overall budget, and some mini budgets within that – for example, give yourself a maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your accommodation, and don’t go over. If you do, you’ll have to deduct from another element of your trip.

  1. Cash vs Credit

Getting cash over credit cards can often simplify things and save you money. Credit cards abroad are proven to have huge fluctuations in rates, and depending on which one you may opt for, could cost you up to £100. Cash, in general, is also great if you want to stick to a budget. You can see what you’re spending each day, and if you just have that amount in your wallet, it’s impossible to go over it.

  1. Don’t wait until the airport to change your money, rates are horrendous.

Not only do airport rates entirely rip you off, it’s just so much easier and stress free doing it in advance. Manually searching around for good rates is also a drag, and in the long run may save you money but is a lot of hassle. I find using a comparison site, such as https://www.comparecurrency.com/ is a really good way to go, it shows you all of your

options in one place has made surprisingly substantial differences before. This really is one of the easiest ways to save money, with absolutely minimal effort required.

  1. Explore all of your options

Unlike ordering currency, there are thousands of options for holidays abroad. Setting your budget can define the range of these holidays, but make sure within that range you’re getting the best value for your money. Just by doing some extra research on sites like https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ and reading what real people have said about their own experiences could make the world of difference. Even things like having your own

kitchenette could be a huge money saver by not having to dine out every day for every meal!

  1. Be internet-savvy

Use incognito windows, or manually delete your cookies and browsing history when searching for holidays. Sites gather your data, and on returning to their site as a repeat visitor, will most likely try to up their prices.

If you find a couple options you’re interested in, follow their social media and do some digging for deals. More and more hotels (and large booking companies!) are offering daily deals which could save you tonnes.

Sign up to newsletters for your favourite booking sites. Yes they may seem click-baity but some do have hidden gems and coupons for their email subscribers.