6 Books About market commodities you Should Read

When it comes to commodity markets and trading practices there is no end to the different sources of information that you can use to become a better trader. However apart from the trading guides and online sources, it’s important that you also read books. While books may not be as easy to read as guides or blogs on trading tips, they are the most important resources for anyone who wants to trade in commodities. Ideally, there are many investment books out there that can help you expand your knowledge on market commodities. Here is a list of top 6 books about market commodities that you should read.

  1. A Traders First book on Commodities

Written by Carley Garner, this is among the best books that you can find about trading in commodities. With this book, you can earn consistent income even if you are a newcomer to the commodities market. It is currently the most realistic and practical book in introduction to successful trading in commodities. This book outlines that the most important decisions about trading are often made before executing the first trade. More so, it answers almost all the most pressing questions about trading. The book also covers commodities impacts and gives important information about technological improvement and much more.

  1. The Intelligent Investor

Authored by Benjamin Graham, this book is all about the value of investing and being successful in the commodities market. This is a classic intelligent book that promises success especially for those who are after earning riches. The good thing about it is that it is not filled with any gimmicks and it does not have any guarantees, it offers the information in a plain way giving you the opportunity to make the decision as an investor. The wisdom contained in this book is all about good portfolio management and how it can lead to success.

  1. How To Make Money in With Commodities

According this book by Andrew T Hecht and Mark Smith, you can actually generate a steady income in one of the world’s hottest markets- The commodity market. It offers tested tactics and strategies that can help you capitalize on the commodity market as the global demographic trend changes the prices.

It actually outlines in a clear simple language how the commodity market affects you daily which you can use to your own advantage. According to many reviews, this book is an incredibly valuable resource for new investors. The author has actually taken the world of commodities by storm and presented the real picture of markets from the past to the present. Since it gives you a fully rounded understanding of the markets, it’s worth reading.

  1. All about Commodities

Written by TomTauli, this book explains how you can earn big profits with today’s hot trade in commodities. During any trading day, a lot of money usually changes hands and if you want to generate some profits it’s very important that you understand some basics about this. Because of this, the best place to go to is All About Commodities. Without the complex language and the confusing jargon, this book applies simple language to explain what drives fluctuations ranging from agriculture, livestock, energy precious metals and even mines and how you can come up with a reliable powerful strategy to earn from them. With this book, you can learn virtually anything you need to know about commodities market.

  1. Hot Commodities, How Anyone Can Invest Profitably In The World’s Best Commodities Market

The next best book is here, it’s actually not about the bonds or stocks but about commodities. If you want to record some returns in the next decade then maybe you should consider having this book. Written by Jim Rodgers this book gives the low-down on all of the most profitable markets of today and tomorrow. In a language that is interesting and colorful, he explains why investing in commodities is one of the simplest things that one can do and how they are the bases by which investors can value companies, money, and economies. According to the author, to become a true investor you must have some knowledge about commodities. For high rollers and small investors, this book is a good as gold and it could be high rewarding to investors.

  1. How to make money in stocks

This book by William O’Neil describes the ins and outs of the CASLIM system and how to find future winners in the stock market. It also explains the best times to make entries and exits. It not only has fundamental analysis but also technical analysis that is the best guide for new investors. It explains that anyone can learn how to invest wisely in stock.

According to this book, it’s 7 proven strategies can help you to maximize gains and minimize risks so that you can emerge the winner in the commodity market. It not only provides tactics but also the best tips for winning in the stock market. It’s a must have especially if you are a commodity investor. It is one of the best books recommended for CMC Markets which is one of the leading providers of online trading globally.