7 Remodelling Projects that Add Value to Any Home

Adding that extra bit of value to your home is more complicated than hiring a bunch of different remodelling contractors. Not to say that remodelling projects won’t add value to your home. However, some definitively add more value than others. Knowing what aspects of your home you should focus on is the key to a great return on investment.

The best way to find out where to start and what to focus your efforts and finances on is to consult an expert. A lot of companies like Denver Remodel Group offer a free initial consultation, meaning you’ll get expert advice free of charge.

A professional architect will give you an expert opinion on what needs change. They can even help you out with a useful tip on what colour to paint your exterior or how to position your living room furniture.


Your home will feel warmer and more welcoming if you let more light into certain rooms. Nobody likes a dark, depressing living room. This is the first thing potential buyers will pay attention to. You can use either natural or electrical light to improve the appeal of any area.

If you need to let more natural light into your home, consider skylights or sun tubes. If you need to use electricity to light up a room due to the lack of natural light, consider stronger light bulbs and a dimmer switch so you can easily set the mood. Once you’ve chosen your preferred style of electrical lighting, ensure this is fitted properly by the likes of an electrician (like Kalahari electrical services) to make sure there are no loose wires and so that your lights will run efficiently, all ready for the big house viewing!

Fix Any Cracks

Fixing structural defects is usually the most expensive home improvement project. However, it is necessary if you want to add more value to your home.

More often than not, sellers focus on decorating rather than repairing structural defects. Make sure you don’t make that mistake!

Check the roof and gutter for any structural issues first. Then move on to the walls, floors and ceilings and fix any cracks or other defects. Finally, make sure there are no leaks in your plumbing system. If you are not sure where to even begin, consider hiring an expert surveyor to help. Many period homes, however, have decorative ceiling plaster meaning it may not be as easy as simply painting over the cracks. To fully restore an ornate plaster ceiling decoration, you will need to hire a specialist plasterer who is experienced in restoring decorative ceilings. Otherwise, you may make the cracks worse, making it even harder to sell your home!

Change the Windows

Windows leave a lasting first impression, which is why they can make or break your efforts to sell your home. Therefore, you have to replace your old windows with new ones that match the style and ones that function well. This will add to your home’s functionality and aesthetics, as well as add more value.

Replace the Flooring

Another great way to make your living area more appealing is to replace your old flooring. Replace the old carpet with a modern alternative such as laminate, hardwood or solid wood flooring. Quality hardwood is both affordable and durable, making it a great bargain.

Consider a Room Addition

Room additions are among the most valuable home improvement projects. They add the much needed extra space and can make way for a bigger bedroom or a bathroom. And for some families that lacking extra space can be a deal breaker.

Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a staple of every home, and therefore a good looking kitchen is a selling point in most cases. If you are not sure which room to prioritize for your home renovation project, the kitchen is absolutely the best place to start.

Add new appliances, surfaces, flooring and fixtures along with a redecorated cabinetry for the best effect and the largest return on investment. You can hire a kitchen remodeling company to help you do the work, or even just for further inspiration.

Don’t Neglect Your Garden

A neat and tidy garden is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they come to scout their future home. Therefore, you don’t want your garden to look more like a jungle than a part of a home.

That’s why you should make landscaping your number one priority. It is by far the least costly, but most beneficial home improvement project. Cut back the hedges, remove the weeds. Plant, trim and clear any debris, natural or otherwise.

If your garden is spacious enough, consider adding a patio to add more functional space and increase your home’s value. Maybe you could research some backyard shed ideas if you want to redo or add a shed to your property for extra storage. And make sure you let some of that natural green in by adding large, glass windows overlooking the garden. Finally, to spice things up experiment with ambient outdoor lighting and garden furniture.