A Story about Wealth Management

Big Winners

Jim Maroney was one happy fellow. He’d just won the Euro Millions lottery. Like everybody else, he had been buying tickets for years, never imagining to win, but unexpectedly, the day had come. Jim and his wife religiously watched the draw with TV dinner on their laps and tickets in hand. As the numbers came out and a little circle was drawn around the numbers on the ticket that matched, hearts were beating faster as the barrel rolled to eject the last ball. The fact that all the numbers matched is now history for them. Utter disbelief! Yes. But after a week, it had sunk in that they were millionaires.

A Life Changer

It wasn’t a big jackpot draw, but €7.8 million was going to make a big change to their lives. The lucky couple had a son and a daughter, both of whom would benefit from this fabulous windfall. Jim and Edna used to laugh at people who said after a big win that their lives wouldn’t change. Utter rubbish! How can your life not change when you can suddenly buy almost everything you ever wanted? They also laughed at winners who said they would not resign from their jobs. Poppycock! You mean staying in your job in a factory doing mindless work under the eyes of an unsympathetic management was an acceptable option!? Both had resigned their jobs the next day.

Spend Wisely

Jim was a pretty smart fellow, as well as rich now. He and Edna had both often talked about the possibility of winning and what would they do if the totally unexpected happened? A new car? Yes. Move into a better home? Maybe. Perhaps they might just renovate. Depends on how differently the neighbours treated them, they thought. Take a holiday? You bet! It was going to be world travel and it was to be done first class. Help the kids? Absolutely! They had allocated each of their children €1million each. When all the figures had been jotted down, the calculations done, an allowance for a contingency of a generous 20%, they looked at the balance they would have. €3 – €4 million!

Manage your Wealth

Stories about big lottery winners being penniless after a few years haunted their thoughts until Jim decided to visit a bank that would help with wealth management. The couple trotted off to the bank and made an appointment. They met with a personable young lady who was to be their Relationship Manager, and credit to her as she barely raised an eyebrow when the plainly dressed couple mentioned the amount they wished to invest with the bank.

Jim and Edna were somewhat amazed at the projected wealth creation that their investment would bring. Investment strategies using things like Structured Products and Foreign Exchange would see their €3 million grow to their original winning amount in about 8 years’ time. Jim changed his hobbies after the visit to the bank, taking a big interest in international financial affairs.