Hello and welcome to my site. I’m Theo. Good to see you.

Are you a homeowner? Are you financially conscious about your budget, your investments and other fiscally related tasks, but don’t like to work with advisors? Are you the DIY type through and through?

If you answered a “Yes” to one or all of these, you’re going to like the Money Home.

My Story

Most people know me as the ” 15 per year” guy. No, I don’t live off of 15 per year (that’s even too extreme for me). However, I was featured in BBC because that’s actually how much it costs each year to live in my house-just 15!

When I left college, I started off as any other graduate would and found stable employment, a nice residence, and a reliable car. I was finally living the adult lifestyle, doing as I pleased, and life was grand.

However, about six months in to my new life, I noticed a pretty re-occurring theme when I went to pay my bills each month… there was more month than money! How was it that I was making more money in a week than I’d ever made in a month, but was coming up short month after month?

I made a decent wage, I had benefits, and I had a low payment on my car. Loans were minimal and my credit card wasn’t maxed, so I started to wonder if there was a figurative hole in my wallet. I started to investigate my habits and tracked my spending.

I forced myself to read a few books and follow a handful of financial bloggers to see if maybe I could plug a few holes in my financial sieve. I was not about to become broke. I lived my entire childhood in a moderately high income household, but I also know my parents worked hard to get us there.

Just a couple months later, I realized ways to trim the fat were plentiful! I had a few pretty big flaws which seemed to come up almost every month:

  1. Eating out was eating away at my account.
  2. My low payment car was high in demand for repairs.
  3. My basic bills were basically stealing my cash from under the mattress.

I realized I was throwing my money out the window each month on food because I didn’t know how to set limits for myself, my car was rubbish despite the low sticker cost and decent mileage, and my bills were chipping away at me because I didn’t mind to keep an eye on them.

Focusing on quality products, I could get more out of them. By changing my mindset on food and how eating out was both costing me money and my health, it was a hands down modification I had to implement quickly. Finally, paying people to do things which I could do myself was a tragic flaw in my money system; there is no excuse to why I couldn’t control my spending by cutting the middle man.

It was time for financial repair, and I was going to be my own mechanic.

Hands On Fixer Upper

In just looking at my car repairs, I figured it was time to start learning to do things on my own. Paying for car washes, oil changes, air filters, and other ultra basic things were all places I could save. And this loosely translated to other areas of my life, too.

I learned to cook. I learned to grocery shop more effectively. I watched videos online and taught myself home repair, from sheet rock to air duct cleaning, wiring and even building my own home entertainment system.

I was proud of myself. If you would’ve asked me a couple of years ago if I could fix any of the problems listed above, I probably would have laughed in your face. In fact, I may have even been among one of the first people to look for a company that specializes in air duct cleaning in Sandy Springs, GA to clean my air ducts for me because I know for definite that this was out of my skill range. Of course, there is no shame in contacting such professionals to get the job done if you can’t; that’s what they’re there for. But now I can do these types of things on my own, my options to find things to fix are limitless.

It started to get addicting.

This all spiraled out of control when I decided I could do even more, and wanted to make my house an efficient, cozy space, one that was an affordable asset instead of a draining liability. Only, I vowed to do it all by myself to save even more money.

From basic low LPM faucets and shower heads to advanced solar panels and heating elements, automatic thermostats and more renewable energy spending units, I slowly turned my house into a precision machine. I slashed my bills, all the while increasing the technology in my home to work for me, not against me.

Ultimately, I created one of the most modern, energy saving, comfortable houses you could imagine. And you can do it, too!

Giving Back

In my obsession, I learned how much I loved to help others, too. Friends and family would have me help them around the house, with their cars, and even restoring old furniture. I was a handy man, and I was loving every minute of it.

So, as I started to figure out ways to give back, I realized I had a lot to offer!

  • Basic repair and DIY
  • Money saving tips and tactics
  • Tech and resource allocation
  • and more…

You see, in order to get where I am today, I had to learn to cut my spending, spend smart, increase my credit (so I could get loans for the extensive remodeling), and use advances in technology everywhere. With the internet, there’s nothing we can’t teach ourselves, and resources are plentiful.

I’m here to get all those resources in one place, so you can live a higher quality, less expensive lifestyle like me.

If you’re bold, I’ll even take you on a deeper journey.

We’ll talk advanced topics like creating energy to sell back to power companies, leveraging your time, knowledge and new skills to duplicate the process of streamlining home efficient living so you can rent to others for a profit, and maybe we’ll even discuss investing into some of these growing markets of tech we utilize for our houses. Trust me, they’re the next big thing.

Join my newsletter, follow along through social media, and keep visiting my site and I guarantee you’ll learn something worth your time and effort which will serve you a lifetime. No life hacks here, just good, practical wisdom.