The Benefits of Investing in an RV

Before gas prices made things harder for everyone to travel, the RV used to be a standard investment for families. It was the way to travel during summer road trips to see family or to visit the national landmarks. After such uncertain economic times in the past decade or so, a lot of families cut back on travel and on large investments, like an RV.

Thanks to travel companies willing to explore and innovate in their offerings, families do have an alternative, where, instead of owning an RV, they can choose to rent out a camper van for the duration of their vacation. Companies like have figured out these details for families to enjoy hassle-free travel, even in the far reaches of Iceland. This could help reduce the financial burden on families who wish to go on week-long trips to explore the outdoors on their own time.

But the RV is coming back in style, not just for families but for anyone who enjoys travel. People are realizing the many benefits of owning an RV, and they are making the investment. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you might want to start shopping for an RV loan and consider making this investment yourself:

Travel Any Time

When you travel by plane or even train, you are bound to the schedule that has already been set. You have to find a ticket for the day you want and hope that the time that’s most convenient is available. Then you have to deal with at least one layover and usually more, or you have to pay a premium to avoid one. You also risk having your trip canceled or delayed because of scheduling or mechanical issues.

With an RV, you can travel any time you want, assuming that you can get where you want to go by land. You are in complete control of the day and the time you leave, when you stop, and whether you take a break or not. You have the ultimate control over the timing of your trip in an RV.

Travel Comfortably

Even a short flight in coach can be unbearable. The seats are just barely big enough to fit most bodies, and they can feel as hard as bare wood. There’s no room to stretch your legs, and you often have to deal with smelly strangers taking over the armrest. If you want to avoid it, you have to pay a few thousand dollars to get into business or first class.

When you travel in an RV, you have the whole vehicle to yourself. It’s better than first class! You can stretch out and do work at the table, cook a fresh meal in the kitchen, or even lay down for a long sleep in one of the beds. You don’t have to worry about keeping your voice down, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to get out of the bathroom.

Save Money

Yes, gas can be expensive, but the cost is never so much as what you would pay for other forms of travel. Take a flight, for example. You have to pay the ticket, the taxes, and the cost of food and lodging for your trip and maybe even your layover. In an RV, you only have to pay for gas, maybe a few tolls, and the food you buy from the grocery store. You pay nothing for your lodging, and you don’t spend as much as you would eating at restaurants or in airport cafes. Plus, you can take steps to save on gas.

If you want to really save, you can even live in your RV. More people are embracing tiny home living for the financial and lifestyle freedom that it offers. The RV is the ultimate tiny home on wheels, and if you live in yours, you get rid of your mortgage and utility bills. Your reduced financial obligations mean that you work less, and the mobility that the RV offers means that you have more options with your free time.

Maintain the Value

An RV is an investment that maintains its value. If you decide that you’re done with your traveling or tiny living days, you can easily sell your RV for a nice amount. You may even be able to sell it for more than what you paid, depending on its condition and the market conditions.

Buying an RV has a lot of benefits, and today’s RVs have a lot more luxuries than what you might remember as a kid. Take a look at some of the latest RV models and start dreaming about what you can do in one on your next road trip.