Business Directories: Knowing Where To List Your Business

When you start the actual work in your establishment, you will realise that starting it was not the big issue. Seriously, visit and see how trouble-free it is to register a business.

Maintaining a steady flow of clients, however, and turning investment into profit is not as easy as it seems. It takes a little bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work.

To attract customers, you need to connect them to your business website. This can be done quite easily by advertising in the local business directories. Alternatively, you can take advantage of SEO strategies to rank your business higher in search engines. This could include keyword research, strategic content layout, Google analytics, etc. As such, in order to take this approach, you can hire an SEO company such as Victorious (visit site) or others like them that might be able to assist with digital marketing through SEO best practices.

About Business Directories

Traditionally, the yellow pages in the phone books served as business directories. These days, directories exist everywhere in digital as well as hard copy formats. It is all about digital marketing now.

But generally speaking, most people go straight to Google search when they want to find something. Therefore, the internet is a powerful way through which you can let people know of your business.

Knowing Where

A business directory is a catalogue of businesses available to the public, listed according to some sort of categories.

The info given along with the name of the business can vary but typically contain phone numbers and addresses. Some online directories even let users give feedback and rate the businesses.

Every business is different and what kind of directory you should register in depends on your target customer group. After starting a business, choosing a proper directory is important; else the desired results might not be procured.

The Well-Known Directories

Yelp, which began in 2004, has become a very effective way of letting people know about your business. Indeed, the user reviews and other features have made it an invaluable tool for business owners to utilize.

Google Places is another directory that everyone ought to register with. The greatest advantage is the multi-billion users of the search engine.

Some Other UK Directories

FreeIndex is an amazing online local business directory for businesses based in the United Kingdom. Here is why you should register with them

  • They have several categories and hundreds of subcategories to list your business in
  • You can put in a lot of details and true to the name, the service is free of cost
  • The star-based rating system proves instrumental in driving traffic to your business
  • FreeIndex also provides a premium listing for a trivial amount

Cylex UK is another website that delivers. The users can search for a business based on keywords and location. It also lets customers search businesses directly on a map.

Thompson Local, Locanto, Business Line Directory and Lacartes are a few platforms to that can be used.

Adding Your Business To A List

Now, as much as you want people to know about your establishment, you do not want to waste your time. Hence, it is necessary to know where exactly to list your business.

Along with a few popular general directories, you can go for your business-relevant ones. For instance, the Professional Web Design Directory is a good one for web designing firms to register in. Though such websites may not direct heavy traffic towards your site, they could be influential in sending guaranteed customers.