Want to talk shop?

One of my favorite things about what I do is talking to people, hearing their stories, and getting both feedback and constructive criticism. You all are why I do this in the first place, remember? I attempt to respond to everyone, even if it takes me a few days to get back. There are plenty of ways to get a hold of me.


    Leave Feedback – I’m always open to suggestions for improvement. Being the DIY type I am, I know things don’t always turn out exactly as intended, so I’m open to your feedback, regardless of what it’s about. I want this place to be top notch, and your feedback is a valuable measuring tool I take very seriously. Feel free to drop a line about the different walk-through builds, tool reviews, tips, tricks, or anything else!

    Fix It – Sometimes, things break. Then we fix them. It’s what we do. Unfortunately, that means this site can break, too. If you come across errors, are having trouble getting access to any of my content or How To’s, let me know. I’ll get out the hammer and have it fixed in a jiffy. Okay, maybe I won’t use a hammer, but I’ll get it done.

    Media Questions – Please contact me through the above form and it will go directly to me. Please make note of any deadlines you need to meet in the subject line of your note so I can prioritise when needed. I’ll do my best to meet urgent needs as fast as possible. Be sure to leave a contact number and your full name. I do enjoy reading your enquiries so if you would like to submit a guest post.