Heat Your Home the Natural Way

When it comes to the cold autumn and winter months, on comes the heating system and up go the bills. Like most people, you probably dread your gas and electricity bill from these two quarters, and also like most, you’ll be looking for wats to save money. Insulation makes a great difference if done professionally – consider especially the roof space; as we know, heat rises, and you will lose a great deal of it – and money as a result – thanks to a poorly insured loft. Then there’s the type of fire you have, and the heating system installed.

In terms of numbers, most homes around the world (that experience cold winters) would probably have central heating systems to make sure that they do not have to suffer in the freezing weather. At most, they would be required to look for furnace repair options (visit brookshvac.com/furnace-repair/ for example) to fix the issue. However, in spite of a lot of households making use of heating systems, many still use gas heaters and central gas heating systems. Many will also use an oil-fired system which necessitates regular fuel deliveries from companies like hollenbachoil.com. However, if you live in an older house, there is another option: the open fire. In many older houses the fireplace has been covered up, a popular choice in the 1960’s and 70’s when gas fires were becoming more affordable and popular. However, they will be easy to uncover, and also relatively simple to recommission and put back into action.

It’s not just older houses that can utilise open fires, for there are many modern houses and new-builds that have a flue or chimney built in for the purpose. It’s the older houses that suit the open fire, and the effect of revitalising one can be very impressive. If you are looking at the possibility of opening up and using old fireplaces, you need to engage the help of a Liverpool chimney sweep, as it is important to check the condition and function of both the fire and the chimney before you begin to use it. Having stood unused for many years it is most likely the chimney will be cluttered with debris that needs removing, or it may require re-lining thanks to decay. The best service comes from Chimney Sweep Liverpool, who provide a full range of services that will be of great help.

A healthy and fully functioning chimney means a safe fire, and many users have reported money savings on fuelling a fireplace with either solid smokeless fuel or wood. Foraging for wood to burn can be a great day out with the kids, and creating a wood store in the summer for use during the colder months can be very cheap indeed. Additionally, going for kiln-dried wood can help in making the fire burn cleaner and for a longer duration, which can also be a money-saving factor. You may want to check Cutting Edge Firewood and other such vendors that can deliver high-quality and kiln-dried firewood at your home. Also, you can click for more information on premium firewood if you are up for some extra knowledge. Anyways, after delivery, select somewhere dry to store it, and you have access to a supply of winter fuel when you need it.

There really are many attractive benefits to opening up old fireplaces – not least the comfort of sitting in front of a beautiful blazing fire on a cold winter evening – and this is why many owners of older houses are choosing to renovate and use them. Why not check out your home for those old, blocked up fireplaces, and get the experts in for a look. They’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote for the work needed, and you may find it to be an affordable way of restoring features that look wonderful and provide the heat you need.