How much do famous London film properties really cost?

London is one of the most popular cities in the world. Millions of tourists from around the world travel to the capital every year, to enjoy the cities rich culture, history and to enjoy all things British. Whether it’s to visit some of the many famous landmarks across London, such as Buckingham Palace or Big Ben, there are an endless amount of reasons why London is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. As well as attracting a large amount of tourists each month, London is also the business hub of the UK and provides the perfect location for many big name companies HQ.

With London being at the heart of British culture and providing an array of picturesque scenery, majestic landmarks, and high-end property; it’s understandable why so many movie production companies London based or even worldwide choose properties within the city, to feature in their films.

We’re often in awe of properties featured in film sets and for some of us, we’re left wondering how much they’d cost and where they’re located. To lift the lid on some of the most famous London properties featured in some of our most loved films, Simply Academy conducted some research and shared some of their findings with us.

Peter & Juliet’s house – Love Actually

The famous pastel pink house where newlyweds Peter & Juliet reside is one of the most iconic London film properties. For any Love Actually fans wondering where the property is located and what price tag it carries, it’s in the heart of Notting Hill and would set you back over an eye watering 2million. The property has 2 bedrooms on offer and if you’re strapped for 2million, then there’s the option to rent the property for a monthly fee of 5,600.

12 Grimmauld Place – Harry Potter & the order of the phoenix

London landmarks and properties have played a big part in the hugely popular Harry Potter films and many of them are visited by tourists from all over the world. 12 Grimmauld Place starred in Harry Potter & the order of the phoenix and is located in the popular area of Islington. The property is actually numbers 23-29 in Claremont Square and has been on the market from between 971,000 – 1,119,000. What you may not be aware of is the property is actually divided up into flats, offering between 1-3 bedrooms.

Will Freeman’s flat – About a boy

About a boy is a rom-com featuring huge films stars such as Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult. In the film Hugh Grant plays Will Freeman and for any fans of the film, you’ll know he lives in a flat, which as you can probably guess, is a London property. The 2 bedroom flat has previously been on the property market for between 190,000 – 213,500 and is located in Clerkenwell, central London. Something you won’t have noticed during the film is that a fake entrance was built on the side of the property, to enable to film crew to capture better camera angles of scenes being shot outside of the property.

For any film fanatics who have often wondered where in London certain films have been shot and how much the properties cost, hopefully this has shed some light on the question. It would be great to hear of any other London film locations and if you know of any, then feel free to join in the conversation on social, using #PropertiesFromFilm.