How to generate ongoing savings when conducting international business

If you’re considering moving your business into international markets, there are many factors to consider. The primary decision that needs to be made is often a financial one. Do we have sufficient capital behind us to help push through those difficult early periods? Do we have enough about us as a business to compete in a competitive international market?

These are all questions you’ll face when growing your business internationally. This article will offer you some handy tips to help you save money when moving international, allowing you to cut back on costs and funnel funds into your business growth and more important areas of your company.

Always look to streamline and improve efficiency

When businesses go international, they often assume that with international growth comes the necessity for more staff, a larger office, and fancier office equipment etc. Often, however, this just isn’t the case. Ensure that your business is operating efficiently by managing your recruitment strategy accurately in-line with your growth and only hiring when the growth demands it.

Need staff with unique or specialist skills? Why not train up current employees and diversify? This can be a great way to improve employee satisfaction and improve morale within the company. The savings you generate from running a tight, efficient ship can be funnelled back into the business via more lucrative areas of the business.

Look into cheap international calling plans

The likelihood of a business who operates on an global level making international calls is high. However, your standard phone plan may not be feasible when dealing with the high influx of international calls you will generate. Look into securing a cheap international calls phone plan for your business to ensure you’re not wasting money on inefficient phone deals.

Call plans are available from one pence per minute from Planet Numbers. Prices of your plan will vary depending on the countries that you’re dealing with, but the difference is only a matter of pennies and buttons. Possessing the ability to communicate effectively with your clients is just one of the ways to harvest solid and long-lasting relationships and help ensure the growth of your business in the international markets.

Adopt data-driven advertising solutions

One important aspect of growing your business internationally is getting the brand image and identity of your business known throughout the world. Although it’s all well and good looking into traditional advertising methods to put your company on the map, the success of these advertising campaigns can sometimes be a costly risk.

The rise of social media and the constant digitalisation of our lives has made the world a much smaller place, meaning that you can use social media marketing to get your brand name and products into international territories at a much cheaper price.

Additionally, advertising platforms such as Facebook marketing and Google AdWords can be honed and adapted to fit in with the results you’re experiencing in certain markets. The ability to manipulate your advertising campaign in real time can provide solid savings for your business.

Whether it’s streamlining your business, looking into developing efficient advertising campaigns, or simply reducing the costs of your international call plan, all of these factors will go a long way in helping your business generate continued savings across international growth.