Improving Your Home? Start By Taking Care of Clutter

The idea of home improvement is always part of living in a home. You can often feel like if you’re not putting energy into making your situation better, then you’re wasting the opportunity of having the home in the first place. But, especially with respect to your home, the improvement part comes with a caveat – sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough space!

And that feeling will usually come from the trouble with clutter. We tend to collect things over time, and without the right storage plan, that clutter overtakes design and improvement possibilities in our home. Use the following techniques to push back against that situation.

Use Self-Storage Potential

Chances are very likely that somewhere local to your home, there’s a self-storage business you can use to your advantage. These places are clean, secure, weatherproof, and easily accessible, and especially when it comes to things like large furniture, extra clothes, electronics you only use occasionally, old exercise equipment, and even extra stuff from your kitchen, having these things away from your house while you’re trying to do redesigns can be a real life-saver. There are a lot of self storage units in London that you could rent to store your belongings.

Hide Your Storage Bins

Another technique might be to first buy some storage bins so that you have places to put your cluttery things. But then, instead of trying to find places to hide these boxes and bins, simply put them out around your home and cover them up – and now you have useable benches! That sort of doubling up mentality will go a long way when you’re trying to declutter, and you can even use the boxes and covers stylistically with your other home improvement projects.

Minimize and Prioritize

And don’t forget to include your desire to minimize in general into your plan. While buying things you like and that are useful will often improve your life and your home, those actions have to occur simultaneously with getting rid of other things that they’re replacing. You can’t just keep adding stuff, or you quickly will end up in the hoarder realm. Minimalism is timeless, so for rooms that date easily like kitchens and bathrooms, keep things simple. Use someone like Paul The Plumber – plumbers in Exeter, to get your kitchen and bathroom plumbing up to scratch, and then design the rooms according to practicality, functionality, hygiene and aesthetics. It’s no good having a beautiful curtain in a bathroom that will only get damp and mouldy, so everything needs to be planned and considered.

Work Design Around Function

And if your home improvement project is about incorporating new designs into places like living rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms, find out how to use those ideas intermixed with smart storage concepts. For instance, buying a stylish drawer or dresser helps with both aspects of living.

Go One Room At a Time

And to keep things simple, as you’re approaching the home improvement process, keeping in mind that going one step at a time, and one room at a time, will help you keep focus. That way you’re only dealing with one set of storage requirements per project as well, allowing you to be detailed about your project solutions.

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