Mercedes Benz car finance

Lewis Hamilton drives a Mercedes. If that’s good enough for a five-times Formula 1 world champion, it’s probably quite a feather in the cap of any discerning motorist.

Whereas the motor racing circuit has selected and refined the best of the best of motor engineering at its very cutting edge, however, the passenger-carrying road vehicles come in many and varied guises – to suit a whole range of motoring needs, requirements, desires, and pockets too.

Current prices for an A Class Mercedes Benz, for example, start at a fairly modest £23,000 or so. Move up to the C Class and you are looking at something over £30,500, a standard S Class saloon at £76,500. Or into the S Class Cabriolet supercar bracket at a cool £117,670.

You might not be qualified to take over Lewis Hamilton’s seat in the cockpit on the F1 circuit, but you can still drive the car make of car he drives – thanks to the ready availability of Mercedes Benz car finance, whether that’s via a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, Lease Purchase, or Hire Purchase.

Why buy a Mercedes Benz?

There are no two ways about it, Mercedes Benz make prestige cars. Along with the distinctive three-pointed star (which is said to represent the company’s ambition to dominate the three domains of land, sea and air – no small order!), the Merc is immediately recognisable and a certain status and standing conferred on any owner.

But let’s consider 5 more reasons for buying a Mercedes Benz:

  1. History and heritage
  • Mercedes Benz can reasonably claim to have invented the motor car – and you can’t get a more impressive heritage than that;
  • In 1906, Karl Benz invented the first, practical automobile, powered by a petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine – the epitome of the modern motor car;
  • The company remains proud of its being the very first in such a modern field and stands by its century old motto “the best or nothing”;
  1. Innovation
  • Having stolen the march in the early history of the motor car, Mercedes Benz has jealously guarded that reputation as an innovator;
  • When it makes a breakthrough in the field of automotive engineering, it expects to see – and usually does see – other manufacturers follow its lead;
  1. Safety
  • That claim to innovation that others follow is no idle boast;
  • The company introduced crash testing as long ago as 1958 – becoming the vanguard for a host of safety features sooner or later adopted by the industry as a whole;
  • Mercedes Benz also invented the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which it has incorporated into all its production models and which other manufacturers have copied;
  1. Luxury
  • The watchword in both exterior and interior design is luxury;
  • That luxury is also designed to enhance optimum comfort for drivers and passengers;
  1. Range

In today’s world, Mercedes Benz strives to appeal to the full range of consumer tastes, preferences and bank balances – hence the especially wide range of models and vehicle types currently available on the market.

In short, there are some very good reasons for buying a Mercedes Benz – and Mercedes Benz finance is there to make it all possible.