Motivating the Salespeople: How can you do it?

Motivation is important and mandatory for almost all of us salespeople should not be an exception to this rule. In fact, the kind of mentally and physically taxing work they do it is all the more important for them to remain motivated if they wish to get something out of it.

This is one reason why most sales executives keep themselves busy looking for interesting ways to keep the batteries up and running. Some of them even sign up for sales incentives programmes that is actually quite a smart move. The reason why these programmes work is because everything is already planned and organised. The providers of these programmes just discuss your business sales needs with you and customise the programmes accordingly.

While these programmes are great options that sales executives have at their disposal, they can do a few things on their personal front too to keep the sales people doing what they do best. Additionally, not every salesperson might be motivated in the same way; there may be a few that need individual attention. So for dealing with such situation, you can consider using one of the following techniques:

1: Educate Them:

Once in a while sales executives should see to it that the sales department is properly educated and trained on the products and/or services they have to sell. The better they know what exactly they are to pitch when attempting to sell that product, the easier it becomes for them to sale it in the end.

When a salesperson sees the sales executive personally enlightening them about a product or a service, they may feel a little important too which consequently may make them even more motivated. After all, building a knowledge base for customers is the first step in increasing sales for the company.

2: Keep Them Anticipating:

Motivating the salespeople by giving them something to look forward to is an excellent way of motivating them as well. A ticket to a new movie that has just hit the cinemas, if they are able to make that many sales by the end of this month is a small but effective example of this.

3: Timing is Everything:

Whether you plan on giving something to the salespeople yourself or have an actual incentive programme in place taking care of this, you should keep in mind that the time between hitting the target and getting the reward should be kept as less as possible.

In other words, if the salesperson did accomplish the set goal, the reward or the incentive should not take forever to reach them. If it does it sort of kills the whole vibe of finishing first and waiting forever to get your reward.

4: Give Them Plenty of Recognition:

As always, recognising somebody’s efforts does a pretty awesome job at leaving them feel valued, appreciated; two things that are likely to make anybody work harder.

Is there any limit to the amount of recognition you are to give to your sales employees? No! There is absolutely no limit, in fact you should recognise their efforts and shine the spotlight on them as much and as frequently as possible.