As online activity rises, businesses will be increasing safety.

With the levels of online transactions increasing year on year, it is a vital way for businesses to operate, and therefore a high priority for all firms will be to ensure that they have a safe, secure setting for customers to use. However, as we know, the online world comes with risks, with our details potentially vulnerable if the websites do not have the sufficient protection in place. Yet for customers, there’s also a responsibility, whether you are on your phone, or on the laptop at home, it is vital you take the time to check the websites you are using.


Checking the website doesn’t have to be too detailed, you just have to see the right signs. Firstly, it may seem obvious, but checking the URL at the top of the page, ensuring that you are on the official site, whether that be your bank or your favourite shop. Another way, is the symbols that the site uses, for example, for those of you who try betting online Betway have many symbols that proves their credibility. At the bottom of the webpage you will see logos to the gambling commission and several other recognised companies, which have been authorised and therefore means that they are regulated. As well as that, they have their own privacy policy which is another sign of a reliable company as it outlines what happens with your data and will ease any concerns that you may have. That means that when you are depositing to your account and betting online with them, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they have a secure system in place, so sit back and watch the horse race or football match in peace!

As mentioned, we are now using digital payments more than cash, which is why online security is a priority for businesses. As well as costing them financially, any issues with customer’s personal data would have a serious detrimental effect on the reputation of a firm, and that is something that is just going to continue to grow. Online sales in the UK had risen to £114bn in the UK alone last year, which was up 11% and that demonstrates the signs of the future. The next generation will be brought up with online transactions as the norm, and that means that the priority for businesses will continue to shift to meeting the online demand and the security is a key aspect of that.

Overall, online safety is now more important than ever before given the high demand that is placed from a customer’s perspective. There are ways that you can check if a website safe and secure before you share details. For the businesses, they will continue to adapt and ensure they have the latest systems and data encryption available, because they will be aware any issues with their online security will have a serious impact on their reputation and revenues.