Protecting Your Eyes from the Glare of Digital Devices

Nobody can debate about the harmful effects computer/mobile screens have on our eyes. As we cannot avoid them, some simple mechanisms have been developed to save our eyes as much as possible. Here we talk about all the tips and tricks to protect the essence of life.

One should know that the electronic device’s screens are not as harmful to the eyes as they are thought to be. They hardly produce any powerful radiation like x-rays or UV rays. The amount of radiation generated is very low, but the proximity and the duration spent at the screen become the major evils. Thus, it becomes highly important to purchase blue light protection for minimizing the effect our lifestyle has on us. This overexposure, mixed with a long time use of screens, becomes a terrible blend of health hazards.

The many damages caused by overexposure are dry eyes, fatigue, and headaches. Bad lighting and the angle you look at the screens could further enhance these effects. Eventually, you would need progressive glasses to maintain the health of your eyes, but that is the last resort available.

There are many ways you can save your eyes from this unwanted condition:

To start with the transformation, place your screen approximately 20 to 26 inches away from your eyes. It is advised to keep the screen a little lower than your eye level.

You can use a document holder beside your screen. It should be placed close enough to save you from going too close to the monitor and move back. By doing this, you will not pressurize your eyes to change its focus and make them function comfortably continually.

Among one of the necessary changes come lighting adjustments. It’s time that you realize the power of reflections. Trim down the harsh reflections by reducing the brightness or by using anti-glare filters for more extended usage of monitors without any eye pain.

Always use a chair that can be adjusted.  Your seating height determines the pressure your eyes feel while looking at the screens. Plus the perfect seat will also save you from back pains over the long run.

If you have a screen that can tilt and swivel, then your experience of watching your favorite shows will dramatically enhance. Again, if you are working, then an adjustable keyboard will help like nothing else.

You can also purchase yellow-tinted lenses in your computer glasses to block most of the blue light oozing out of the monitor. It will increase the contrast to reduce the digital eye strain.

Anti-reflective lenses also come in handy as they reduce glare and increase contrast while removing the blue light produced by these screens.

You should also blink more than usual to reduce the dryness and irritation. Humans tend to blink less while using screens which causes eye damage. Try to regularly blink ten times every minute for keeping your eyes wet.

These habits will keep you safe from the harmful rays of our electronic devices that have been the cause for many to lose their healthy eyesight.