RL360° Group launches RL360° Services following CMI acquisition

On 1 December 2015, RL360° acquired CMI Insurance Company Limited from Lloyds Banking Group. The deal created a combined group with approximately GBP7 billion in assets under management, 300 members of staff and 60,000 policyholders.

In a new development, CMI has been renamed RL360 Life Insurance Company Limited and it will now operate under the brand name RL360° Services. A new website (www.rl360services.com) has been created for clients and their financial advisers to use and all the relevant literature has been rebranded to reflect the change.

RL360° Chief Executive offers reassurance

Offering reassurance to all the people affected by the development, RL360° Chief Executive David Kneeshaw remarked: “While the rebrand has been a period of change for the business, I would like to make it clear that for RL360° Services policyholders there will be no changes to the terms and conditions of their policy as a result of the rebrand.”

He added that, aside from a change in contact details and name, the only differences policyholders may notice will be improvements to the services they receive.

Mr Kneeshaw’s comments will no doubt be welcomed by anyone who was concerned that the alternations in name and branding details reflected more fundamental changes that could impact them in a negative way.

A ‘stronger’ group

He went to suggest that the acquisition of CMI by RL360° has led to the creation of a “stronger” group, stating that the company is proud to bring CMI under its brand and to retain its history. Mr Kneeshaw pointed out that CMI was among the first international operations to have been established by a UK life company in the late 1980s.

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