Spend a Quid to Make a Quid

My website has been, hopefully, providing you with some great ways to save money. None of it’s rocket science, they are just simple things that can be done on a daily basis. The idea I had was to make people aware that you can lead a normal life, but you don’t have to be forking out money hand over fist to enjoy it. Also, by planning ahead when either building or renovating a home, you can have many energy-saving devices installed that will save you more money over a number of years than you could believe.

Life isn’t always about saving money and sometimes you have to spend a quid to make a quid, as the saying goes. You can keep your eye out for little investments here and there that can give you a little extra, and that always comes in handy, right? In my home, I have integrated a few apps that monitor and control most of my energy uses, and it got me to wondering about how these things actually hit the market. Do you just have an idea and pop along to see an ios developer and after some discussion they work out an app for you to market?

For example, if I had a very good idea and went to find an app developer, outlined my brilliant idea, paid them the fee, would the they have the wherewithal to get my idea in a popular app? Look at what I use in my home. I control my sound system, lighting and heating using an app on my iPhone. Booking holidays, checking mail, doing my banking and surfing the internet are all done using apps on my iPad. Let’s not even talk games! There’s thousands of them, but I don’t have a lot of time to play them. Mind you; I don’t mind the odd game of Texas Hold’em poker online when I have a few minutes to spare. Play money only, though!

I was with some mates in the pub watching the football and having a cold beer, and we started talking about stuff like this. Smart little apps that would make your life a little easier. Some of them are a bit silly and quite a few of them haven’t been thought out very well, but generally, you can find an app on your phone for almost anything. My friend Steve said he had an idea about some DIY things at home and found a company http://www.developerstars.com and they seemed pretty keen on helping Steve take the app from an idea to reality. Not everybody is serious about money saving topics and Graeme, the boofhead, said he needed an app to tell him when the fridge at home had no beer. Then it would call you and tell you to stop at the bottle shop on the way home and pick up a few. We all looked at each other, eyebrows raised. Great idea!