The Coming of Age of the Internet

Some of the greatest inventions of this world are those which stem from someone coming up with an effective solution to a problem they were likely facing themselves and that’s certainly the case with the World Wide Web. It was originally just meant to make for a quick, easy and effective way for a bunch of university collaborators to send each other information and effectively share that information.

I don’t think the likes of Tim Berners Lee could have ever imagined that simple medium of information sharing would go on to explode in the manner it has, perhaps even growing beyond the wildest imagination of anyone who was there to witness it in its earliest stages.

The internet has come of age, so to say, and has perhaps enjoyed that status for quite a while now.

Just as is the case with the coming of age of a regular human being however, the World Wide Web seems to have generally taken a turn for the worst, indulging in a lot of what the darker side has to offer. I recently just saw a video featuring the so-called father of the internet and he was sharing just how devastated he is when taking into account what the information superhighway has become.

I don’t reckon we should focus too much on the bad however, simply because as with everything else in this world, there are more people using it for the good it was intended for and only a few who are using it for the dark arts, relatively speaking of course. We’ll never be able to run away from the fact that there are some really evil people in this world, but that just means those of us who have good intentions have to continue doing our bit to fight the evil of this world and maintain as much purity in what are otherwise beasts such as the internet as possible.

I don’t know just how much we can make of what appears to be Google’s dropping of the slogan “Don’t Be Evil,” but that’s exactly how it is – the biggest influencers of a beast such as the internet should be the ones putting in the biggest effort to try and keep it as pure as possible.

We can talk about many aspects of how the World Wide Web has come of age, with most people probably going to point towards capacity as the area in which it has really moved into the next century. But it goes way beyond that with things like the ability to complete online identity verification. This is one of many great ways through which specialist providers of services over the World Wide Web are helping to keep it as pure as possible because we all know just how big of issue integrity and honesty can be when people are afforded the opportunity to effectively live out a second life online. Since it is so easy for people to make up things about themselves on the internet, companies tend to use online tools like Checkr or similar others when they are hiring someone new. That way they can ensure that all the information given to them is authentic and they are not putting the business at risk. Additionally, there might be a chance that employers could take a randomized drug test before they hire a prospective employee. Thus, many employees take up a home drug test to ensure that they are in the clear before a test by the employer. This saves a lot of hassle from both ends, ensuring a smooth hiring process.

In a constantly digitalizing world, the internet can bring both fortune and misfortune to business, which is why organizations can benefit greatly from being able to effectively do a background check on a potential employee or business partner with a few clicks of the mouse button or a few taps of their mobile device.