These Findings from Portafina Could Improve Your Approach to Health

Health is vital for anyone who wants to live a good quality life. However, not everyone is as health conscious as they could be for different reasons. Portafina conducted a survey using 2,000 respondents and the findings were informative. Seeing as it was split evenly over two age groups, the data gathered could impact your approach to health irrespective of what generation you’re in.

Over 50s tend to take a more practical approach to health as 18% of them are active every day as opposed to just 7% of under 30s. Seeing as health should be more of a lifestyle, finding ways to be active every day may be a more effective approach to take when it comes to health.

Some specific data that shows 8.3 % of over 50s keep active by walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Millennials, on the other hand, are more likely to be active in the gym as a way of relieving stress. This could be because only 10% of under 20s prefer outdoor activities so exercising inside is more enjoyable for them.

However, while millennials exercise specifically to relieve stress, it is more of a lifestyle for over 50s. This could be because 33% of them, as opposed to 16% of under 30s, understand the importance and many benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle as opposed to trying to be healthy from time to time.

If millennials join the 32% over 50s who say they are active every day, it could have tremendous benefits on their health in both the short and long term.

In terms of when both generations are active, findings show that baby boomers tend to be more active during 9-5 work hours seeing as over 65% are more active during these hours while 37% of millennials aren’t as active during such periods. This could be a great opportunity for gyms to attract another market especially as only 10% of over 50s were found to have a gym membership.

Portafina data show that 17.5% of under 30s tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle as they aren’t as active and have no reason to move around more often. This may be a result of the nature of their jobs, especially if they tend to work at a computer for the most part of the day. However, keeping fit at the workplace could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, keeping active during breaks, or making use of nearby gyms.

Retirement is another stage in life which also requires good health, finances, and well-being. Preparing for this phase as early as possible is essential and Generation Z seems to share the same sentiments. 35% of respondents believed that pension is part of a standard job and more important than technology perks. Securing retirement funds as early as possible could increase the chances of living a happier and healthier life in retirement. If you follow Portafina on Facebook, you can learn more about how to maintain healthy and growing finances up until retirement. Otherwise, head to their other social media pages, including their Linked In, YouTube page, or follow @Portafina UK on Twitter.