Tips to Help You Save Money Around The House

You often hear the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” people work very hard for the money they make and will do anything they can to save as much as possible. There are a lot of things around the house that you can do to help you save a lot of money during the year. One of the biggest money hogs in the home is your furnace. When it comes to heating, you obviously want your family to stay warm during the winter! But making sure your furnace is working properly is one way to save money this winter.

Save Money Around the House

When you want to save all the extra money that you possibly can you will find plenty of things around the home that will help you do just that. Keep in mind that you may need to spend some money to help you save in the long run. You can start by noting which all HVAC systems need repair. Annual maintenance for these electronic systems can bring about a huge save on the bills. For example, check if your furnace needs any repairs or maintenance, and call a reputed HVAC company (like in case you find any fault. Go around your home and see what else can be done. The furnace is not the only thing that can run up money, many things do it all year round and you may not even be aware of it.

  • Unplug any electronics – even when they are turned off they are still costing you money. If you take the time to unplug them when they are not being used, you can save at least $100 a year.
  • You can save on your water bill by installing low-flow faucets.
  • Getting some compact fluorescent light bulbs to replace your older bulbs will also help you save on your electric bill.
  • During colder weather seal up any windows and doors to keep the heat from escaping and being wasted.
  • Install a water filter on your faucet to keep from spending tons of money on bottled water.
  • Use blinds and curtains to help during the hot summers and cold winters.
  • Buy generic foods instead of name brand and you can save a ton on your grocery bill.
  • Insulate your water heater, whether it’s a traditional boiler or something like a heat pump water heater, to keep heat from escaping.
  • Be sure to shop during sales events and use coupons whenever possible.
  • Get a programmable thermostat to help turn down the heat when no one is around.
  • Regularly check filters on your vehicle to cut down on gas usage.

Saving Money on Your Car

Your car can give you a big hit on your budget during the year. One of the first things to think about is when you first purchase a car. You never want to take the very first thing you see at a dealer, you want to shop around with other dealers and see what kind of prices they have and get the best deal you can get. The same thing can be said when shopping for your car insurance. Check your local insurance dealer and see what your payments would be but you should also shop around online with companies like Geico, The General, and Progressive just to name a few.

When it comes to gas prices, they tend to fluctuate often. You can download an app that will help you find gas stations with the lowest prices and save as much as you can on gas, especially if you do a lot of driving and need to fill up a lot. Getting a regular maintenance check on your car can actually help you save money, doing this will help you know what’s wearing down on your car and keep it from breaking and doing possible damage to other areas of your vehicle.