Top Spots to Invest in Property in 2021

With the New Year right around the corner, making big plans for 2021 can really give you that Fresh Start feeling, and get you back on track after the year we’ve just had. While it hasn’t been the easiest 12 months, a stable investment in property could really be the change-up your finances need for a far more promising 2021. But where’s best to be putting your money, and what can you do to make moves for a more financially optimistic future in 2021?

East London

If there’s anything we know about London, it’s one of the best places to invest in when it comes to property. And while many are put off by the hefty outgoings that buying your first property here can ensue, there are schemes out there that allow you to cut the complications and get you onto the property ladder in a promising new area. Bow River Village is just one East London development along the river Bow that is a strong investment for a future. Located in the regen area of Bromley by Bow right on the river, this East London apartment complex is a sought after spot for young professionals with the seamless transport connections to the centre and the new amenities that make this a micro city of its own. With many apartments under the Shared Ownership Scheme, meaning you can buy a share in the property rather than have to pay a deposit on the total value, Bow River Village is a real steal, especially for the first time buyers among us.


While this corner of London has always been flocked to by artists and musicians alike it is the new regeneration of the area that is sending property prices into the heavens. Getting your hands on something quickly in the hotspot of Hackney Wick could be an unbeatable investment for 2021. With the 2012 Olympic Park enriching this area with fantastic sports facilities, landscaped spaces to enjoy the outdoors and a whole host of restaurants and bars to feed all those post-workout tummy growls this is proving popular for young people looking to make a home for themselves in the metropolis but with a little more space and balance mixed in. With plenty of modern developments like The Refinery, East London living should definitely be on your watch list if not your wish list.


Described as the new Brighton and delivering on every front especially the seafront, Hove is a seaside getaway that’s seen growing popularity. With many seaside activities from Wakeboarding to Waterskiing making this a top spot for tourists it’s no surprise many have decided to make properties available through Shared Ownership in Hove their home. But it’s the daily yoga at sunrise on the beach and the vegan cafes and forward thinking business enterprises that are popping up all around this beachy paradise that are attracting a colourful community of work-from-homers, young entrepreneurs and just-starting-out families. So if you’re looking to put your money into something with a great view as well as a whole host of benefits to your life as well as your finances, Hove is one to watch out for.

Property is always a great investment so be smart about where you decide to stick your deposit down on and take advantage of some of the new spots that the South East has to offer.