The Top Three Things You Need to Remember when Designing an Outdoor Banner

Banners are made for a variety of reasons, be it for a specific trade show or exhibition, for a sale, for a new product launch, or for a new shop or storefront. But whatever the purpose of your roll up banner or roller banner, it needs to exhibit great design as well. Outdoor banners are particularly tricky to design, as there are elements such as space and size which can come into consideration. So if you are planning to create an outdoor banner for your business, here are the top three things you need to remember.

What size is best?

The good news is that outdoor banners literally come in all sizes nowadays, from smaller pull up banners measuring 2 feet by 4 feet to much larger outdoor banners which measure 6 feet by 10 feet, and even more. So when it comes to size, you’re definitely not limited in your options. But you have to choose the right size as well – too big, and it will be too unwieldy and awkward-looking, and too small, and it may not be noticed at all.

To determine the right size for your outdoor pull up banner, think first about where it will be placed. If, for example, you are planning to hang the outdoor banner just at the exterior of your shop or restaurant, then it need not be too big. As long as passersby can see it from a few metres away, then you’re set. But if you are planning to hang an outdoor banner near a busy road or motorway, it would have to be bigger.

Additionally, the placement of your banner will decide certain design details. For instance, do you really need to have that intricate leafy border if you are hanging your banner near the road? Chances are your audience won’t even notice it anyway. If your audience is nearer to your banner, then you can include certain small design elements. Once you have these details figured out, any large format printing company (similar to D’Andrea Visual Communications) would be able to help you execute your vision.

The colouring

The colouring requirements may be somewhat different for outdoor banners than they are for indoor banners, but not much. When it comes to colour, you have to choose colours which are a complement to your brand design and logo. But with outdoor banners, there is also more emphasis on contrast. A light-coloured text coupled with a darker background often works best, according to the experts, because this combination is akin to the road sign colour combinations we often see and are familiar with.

A good font

When it comes to outdoor pull up banners, the fonts account for a lot as well. Since it will be for outdoor use, stick with a simple, easy-to-read font, and don’t use scripts, thin lettering, or compacted block letters. Stay with neutral fonts, such as Helvetica or Arial. Happy designing, and good luck!

Image attributed to Stuart Miles/