Why the Volkswagen Golf is One of the Most Versatile Vehicles

Knowing just what vehicle to get next can be quite a challenge given that there are so many makes and models these days. Equally though, an investment in a vehicle isn’t something that should be taken lightly, you need to be sure it ticks all your driving boxes.

There is one vehicle though which manages to suit a number of style preferences and can also be sourced for affordable prices – namely, the VW Golf. What follows are a number of reasons why this really is one of the most versatile vehicles of motoring history.

A Great Family Car

Safety and economy should be part and parcel of any family vehicle and with a mid-range VW Golf you can get both. A 1.6-litre diesel model in particular can provide fantastic MPG, but also there’s a top safety rating and a deceptive amount of room inside, despite the Golf being a classified as a compact hatchback. There are also 5-door versions available to add even more convenience if you know you’ll regularly have a number of passengers.

Power and Performance

For those who feel the need for speed, the bigger 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines are impressively gutsy, but the pretty much any Golf will provide superb handling and a comfortable ride. For a little bit of extra power there’s also the GTI sport versions that can really shift, courtesy of their refined and turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel engines.

A Variety of Options

Even the entry level Golfs come with features like DAB radio, touchscreen infotainment systems and a number of electric and automated conveniences. The higher trim levels are particularly generous though, with cruise control, Satnav and much more. Their popularity means that you can find some great deals in the new and used markets and even through car leasing with specialist providers like John Clark for example.

Prestigious Manufacture

The Golf is currently in its seventh generation, but even within the previous lines you can still find many fantastic features like those aforementioned. This is chiefly because Volkswagen is one of the most well established makes and many hold their prestigious manufacture in high regard. As such you can count on superb design quality no matter which model you choose.

So rid yourself of the headache of choosing a car and take on board the above advice. There’s certain to be a model of Volkswagen Golf with the spec that fits the bill and for an affordable price.